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Getting to know Marc Maslen 

In 2017 after leaving school I Started my journey doing a Btec Level 3 Extended Diploma, Since 2019 I have continued my studies at the University of Essex, doing a BSc in Computer Science with a Placement year at Awin. 


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Who is Marc Maslen ?

My name is Marc, I am 21 years old and currently doing a BSc Computer science degree with a placement year. My goal is to become a software developer and make a difference in the tech world.

Why did you start this website?

Honestly, I wanted a project that I could fully take on and build upon. Building an online portfolio and blog not only allowed me to talk about what I found interesting to an audience, but I can also build a community of like-minded individuals!

What is the purpose of GigaByteBlogger?

The purpose of the site is for me to get myself known and to show everyone what I'm capable of! I have extensive knowledge within my chosen field and want to express this and show the world my work!

What do i do?

I am currently studying for a computer science degree. I just finished my placement year at Awin located in London. On the side I like to continue coding makes games, websites, and algorithms to improve productivity. Outside of my computer I work out, work on my car, and love shopping a bit too much.