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Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi marc back again, in this blog I am going to talk about A.I (Artificial Intelligence). My knowledge of A.I is not very extensive as I have only been researching it for around a month now, However A.I is an extremely interesting topic that I am extremely excited to learn more about including a bunch of theories to do with it, such as the turning test and a lot of others which I will cover in a separate blog.

There are various types of artificial Intelligence such as weak artificial intelligence and strong artificial intelligence. Weak A.I is when a computer acts as if it can think like a human but is actually all already coded in and no way of thinking properly, while strong A.I is a computer that can actually think like a human and make conscious discussions like humans. This means that there are already versions of artificial intelligence out in the world they are just not considered to be 'proper' artificial intelligence computers as they are all programmed to think, this is where machine learning would come in.

Machine learning is the way in which we would allow computers to think for themselves as they will write their own code and then can use that for future situations, exactly like what humans do when we learn from our mistakes, etc. Artificial intelligence has a lot of parts to it that branch off and make up the entirety of it which are all very large topics on their own such as machine learning, vision, speech, robotics, planning, natural language processing (NLP) and so much more.

I find this subject so fascinating not just because this is probably going to be implemented within the next 5-10 years but because there are just so many possibilities with all the knowledge that adds up to be artificial intelligence. Just think of the possibilities with Artificial intelligence it's crazy however, some theorize that it isn't even possible at all.

Coding and teaching a computer to think exactly like a human is an extraordinarily hard task when you take into consideration how big of a task that really is. We don't even fully understand things like our self-consciousness or even why we dream which all affects and influences us as humans and the way we think. there is so much to consider when we try to create machines that can act and think like humans as well, for example, if they would be hostile towards us or not. I mean, after all, we would be their creators and they would know and understand that if it ever came to be.

This is my first blog with artificial intelligence, I wanna keep researching and writing more blogs on this subject as I find it super interesting.

Kind regards


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