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Blog #16 - Looking back Over the last year

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. You have probably noticed that I have changed the name of weekly blogs to just the number of blogs I am up to, this is due to my extremely busy schedule. I have been losing track of time like crazy recently due to being inside, the only thing keeping me from remembering the day of the week is deadlines and work schedule. So instead if you wanna know when I post a blog, everyone is welcome to sign-up to get notified when I post a blog or you can put your email in for the newsletter and that also alerts you to when I upload.

I have been really busy lately with getting my last of the progress tests and assignments done and out of the way, although COVID has caused us all a lot of trouble. It has really given me a lot of perspective and knowledge. For one, this blog most likely wouldn't exist without COVID as I had time to make this and then continue it. Also, COVID has been great for pulling back the curtain on always every aspect of life such as knowing just how much you can tolerate people, work, mental health, etc. I have realized that through lockdown I work much better around people but by myself and I have been using the study with me videos on youtube ./ twitch to do this. I have also been managing my workload and assignments a lot more efficiently, so much so I have a lot of spare time in the evening to play games with my friends or chill with Kacie. Although no amount of organization, future-proofing, or anything will prevent that feeling of guilt when you're not doing something productive although this could just be me.

I have also realized the kind of people who are there for me and who is not, as well as the people who are only out for themself and it's extremely noticeable. I have never understood why people would only be friends or interact with someone because they are 'useful' when I believe just having people who you can depend upon and just have because they are someone you bond with is a great trait. There has been a very small number of people to reach out to me over the last year from lockdown, although this sounds saddening I am actually glad. This to me just shows me who I actually matter to and most if not all of the people have been friends or family I have known for 10+ years. Most of the people I have met in recent years don't seem to reach out much, I have tried reaching out to people in the summer to see if maybe they were bust but convos often tend to die out very fast so there is no point. Although I don't blame them either, as we all have things going on both in and out of our control. Honestly, I will give people the same respect they give me and anyone who treats me otherwise is not worth even giving the time of day to.

A lot of good came out of the last year too, I have changed a lot and I believe this is more maturity and awareness for everything going on. I have made a lot more connections through university and over the summer too. Overall I am just glad and looking forward to a COVID free next year (hopefully).

Thank you guys are reading, I hope you enjoyed byyyyyyeeee

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