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Blog #18 - No more coursework, On to exams.

Hi guys, hope your all having a great day. This year has actually not been too bad for me academically, I have achieved really great coursework grades and am preparing for my exams in May. I have 6 exams in a row, every day which will be tough but I am great with time management and am currently revising every chance I get for these exams.

I have also been deciding the project I wanna do for next year as I have a capstone project which requires 450 credited hours. I am both really excited and really nervous about it as I will be doing this project alongside 5 other modules. Although I don't mind working In a team, they have their benefits and their downsides (mostly downsides at uni & school) I am excited to be able to work on a project next year solo. This way I know exactly where I am at and how much is needed to do. The project I have gone for was to create an android game about pirates, which will be released on the google play store. I do believe I picked this however, won't hear confirmation until the end of April.

Back to exams, I have 4 really challenging exams which are AI, Computer Security, Data Structures and algorithm, Databases and Infomation retrieval, etc. These are going to be taking up most of my time the next two months with a bit of Software Engineering and Game design here and there as these are not as complicated to me. Most of this I have revised throughout the year it will be just making myself tests and going over everything again.

I hope everyone has a good Easter holiday and I will see you guys layer, byyyyeeee

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