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Blog #19 - Placement Year with Awin

Hi guys, hope your all doing well, a lot has happened since the last blog and I wanted to update everything and discuss what's been going on within my life.


Placement Year

So I had no plans to do a placement year, in fact, it was one of the things I almost guaranteed myself I probably wouldn't do as well as a year abroad. However, life works in mysterious ways and I managed to secure a great placement year for myself next year!

Even though I didn't plan to do a placement year I was trying to secure a summer Internship, I did apply to a company called Awin. This is an affiliate marketing company and after reading my CV they decided to offer me the chance to interview for a placement year at Awin, I agreed to this and went ahead with the interview. As of last week, I was notified I managed to secure a position as 'Global Integration Assistant' which I am super excited to start. Originally I was planning to do an Integrated masters course but within Computer Science a year in industry is much better for myself and my CV.


No longer stuck inside

Now that we are no longer imprisoned within our homes due to covid, going back to the gym, shopping, and just going out with friends has been such a refreshing time and so so much fun. Also with my exams all being open book, they are testing more for research abilities now instead of memorization. I must prefer open book exams as I strongly believe one's research skills are much more useful of a skill set than their memorization skills as being able to research a topic thoroughly and pick out the important parts for their needs are actually great and desired skills.


Anyway guys I am really glad I can share this with you guys and I hope you all have a great day! byyyyeee

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