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Blog #20 - New Job prep, Exams, Resident Evil

Hi guys, been a while since my last post. Hope you are all doing well. A few reasons for not having posted in a while were due to my upcoming exams, I have 6 exams starting the 19th of May and then 5 days after the end I start my new job (Placement year job). I am super excited to start working at Awin, which I think can lead to a lot of opportunities!

I have been recently preparing for my time at Awin. My last shift at my current job is coming to an end now which I will miss but am glad I am moving onto a better fitting job for me. Having a job during the lockdowns where definitely great for my mental health, just getting out and interacting with people can do more good than one may think. Along with this, I have been revising for my exams, day by day. Now I am able to go back to university to revise it has been great going there most days as their coffee is a lot better than mine haha.

I have recently taken a bit of time to play the new Resident Evil Village and it is amazing. It's more action than anything but I love the horror within resident evil, this one really just shows off CapCom's ability to make great horror games. as well as make them look so realistic you feel like your there too! Anyway that's just been what I have been up to as well as the gym and shopping here and there, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week byyee

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