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Blog #21 - Half way through exams, first gym class

Hi guys, I should probably be revising but wanted to make a blog just to talk about how my exams are going. I hope you all enjoy and are having an amazing day!

So I have 6 exams one day after one another apart from Sunday. Today is the middle of all of my major exams and I am both relieved and so nervous at the same time. Exams are very different from when I was at college due to COVID and this means that even though I'm doing the same exams, they all feel completely different. I personally love being able to do exams remotely instead of doing them in a big exam hall, it not only takes the pressure off but feels less serious in a way. This could go two ways, either you slack off and don't take it seriously or try your best knowing these exams carry the future for your next year (mine being a placement). I realized that a lot of my exam questions are almost the same as last year's paper, maybe reworded but a lot are roughly the same, no complaints but it's just surprising how they would do this.

Now, I love going to the gym. Been doing it every other day for around 3 years now (when we aren't in a lockdown). today marks the first time I booked a class at my gym, I did RPM. where you follow a person or multiple people on an exercise bike. It was one of the hardest cardio workouts in the gym I have had and it was amazing. although I look like a penguin going up and down the stairs, the burn and feeling after is something you can only get by pushing yourself. I Will definitely be signing up for more and continuing to do them.

Anyway, I am off to revise more. I hope you all have a great evening. byyyyeee

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