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Blog #22 - Awin and projects

Hi, guys been a while. I started working at a win 2 weeks ago now and it's going really well. I hope you guys are doing well and are getting ready for the summer.



Awin has been amazing to work at so far and I am really enjoying my time. I have learned a lot in my short time at Awin as I have been doing a lot of courses into Integration and helping our clients integrate into the system. The team is great to work with and they are all very friendly and helpful, I have already made some great people who I can see becoming friends with!

I hope soon I get to go to the offices soon as they are right next to the shard in London. I would love to actually experience working in a London office. I know that the working environment at university and an actual desk job will be different so it would be great to experience.


Side Projects

So I will be working at Awin for a year and during this year I wanted to set some projects for myself to try and accomplish. My first goal was to try and create a website store where I can be creative with what I make and to also specify a niche that I can promote. So I went with a sportswear and accessories store. is my new clothing brand and website where I sell sportswear. I don't have too much on there right now but the store and really picked up traction and is doing great! I plan to work on this for as long as I can.

I also have some other projects but they're just an idea or in the early stages atm.


Thank you guys are reading and I hope you are all doing well. byyyeee

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