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Blog #24 - One more year, I got this!

Hi guys, not sure if I am the only one going into the third year thinking this but I am so excited to go back to uni. Not because I wanna go back but because I want it to be over! Can't wait to get my own place and settle instead of moving around so much the last 4 years haha, feel like a yoyo moving back and forth. Either way, I am generally excited to start in October after just finishing my placement year as it was a good break from the stress of exams.

I got my accommodation sorted, and decided to get a place off campus with an ensuite and a gym 10 min walk away which I'm probably more excited about than my accommodation. I was going to go for the accommodation I had in the first year but I really didn't want to share a kitchen, toilet, and shower with 16 random people, especially in my third year when the grades equal 60% of my total grade. For some reason the fact that everything I need to walk to is 10+ mins away makes me happy as I would rather get in a good walk before starting work for the day, meaning it just fits in and flows.

I am still at my placement company Awin as they expressed how much of a good job I did and I asked about extending to get both more experience and save a bit more before Uni. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better company to work for, I have not had a bad experience with anyone, and the work experience I got over the last year I will use forever. I will definitely try to get a job there after University but will have to see what happens. I have a remote IT job lined up to start soon which will cover any expenses during the third year and will add more experience to my CV.

I can't tell you what I prefer more, self-study or university. With self-study, the biggest benefit is obviously you do it at your own pace and do just the subjects you want to do but with University I have structured modules with deadlines and tests that motivate me to do well. My strategy is to self-study only subjects I need either a refresher on or that the university doesn't teach, for example, I have been refreshing my knowledge of python and also learning both React.js and React Native.

Since coming back from Spain I feel like the weather was brought back too. It's hotter here this summer than when we were in Spain. Also another heatwave from tomorrow until Sunday which I am looking forward to in terms of getting outside but not when I am working and sweating haha.

I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the sunny weather. Stay safe out there and hydrate! See yah next time.

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