Day in a life of a University student in 2020

Hey guys, marc back again. This blog is basically going to be about my day-to-day activities while I'm at university. Now I have watched a lot of day in the life videos over the last few years as they, at least for me, are very interesting. Having a window into someone's life is a very interesting concept, with everything going on right now in my life I thought I would do a blog on it.

To start with I like to wake up every morning at 7am, this is a good time for me as the sun would still be rising and allows me to stay up a bit later without me losing out of sleep. I usually do the routine of getting up, brushing teeth, shower, getting ready, etc so I'm prepared for the day. I usually just have coffee for breakfast as I don't really like to eat in the morning then I start by planning out what I need to prioritize for the day. The fact that we students are stuck inside mostly makes productivity more of a challenge however I still try and get as much work done as I can.

Today for example I found out that in 3 weeks we have our first test of the year, the topic being Artificial intelligence. So I emailed the lecturer asking what topics will be covered and got to work making a mind map of all the different topics/subjects that might come up on the test. This is generally how I like to do my revision as I can quiz myself on everything later and see if I understand it because once I understand it, I then remember it. This took me several hours to do and then I went to explore for a while.

When I mean explore, I mean due to the fact I have only moved into my accommodation about a month ago. I still don't know the area too well, so going out for walks or runs allows me to explore and see what is around. Today I found a library and shop really close that does really great deals and the library had a great variety of books I can take out!

After I had been for my work I checked my emails and found out our assignment for November had been released, so I started going through that a bit. This assignment is all about making a 3 by 3 square of 8 numbers. randomized with 1 block with nothing in it. You then need to move the squares around until it goes from 1 - 8 in order. However, this all needs to coded in java, and I'm not going to lie when I say I HATE java with a passion as it's been stressful.

I then started to wind down for the evening by streaming for a few hours ( and playing some games with some friends which were really fun. This is basically how many of my days play out, I sit in my room revising/coding all day hoping to get a good grade on my exams/tests.

Now I sit in bed writing this blog out to you guys before I go to sleep and do it all over again. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Let me know if you have any ideas you want me to blog about and ill be sure to do that. Have a great day!


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