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Exams in 3 Days!

Hi guys, I can't believe how close I am to my exams as there in 3 days! I have been revision every day and looking over my notes every second I get. I hope everyone in the same boat as me, not just at university or computer science but anyone who has exams coming up. I hope you are all prepared the best you can be.

I always get both anxious and happy when exams come round because I am really nervous about if I have done enough for them. I always question if I could have done more or if I have even done enough which is a horrible feeling but keeps me going till the very last second. I also get super happy and excited about exams because I know that when there done, they are out of the way for the time being. This means relaxation for everyone who took that exam, although I have about 6 exams which are 6 days in a row (apart from Sunday, thank god).

Before I get back to burying myself in my work, I just wanted to say good luck everyone and I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences with their revision this year through a few lockdowns. Byyyyeee

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