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Getting to know me - My weight loss journey

Hi, Marc here with a blog with the intent of you guys getting to know me better. This is going to be about my journey with my body image and my weight loss journey to becoming comfortable in my own skin.

This all started when I was very young around 13 - 14, I had moved from my home town and moved to a city I had never lived in before. This was a couple years after the move and I became very addicted to playing video games all day, In my opinion, it started off as something that I really enjoyed doing daily. Then a few years down the line and I felt completely stuck with playing video games because I had no idea of what else to do (other than watching youtube or Netflix) so I turned to food to fill the boredom and this would cause me to binge on food almost every night unintentionally / without thinking, I didn't realize how much damage I was doing to my body until I looked in the mirror one day and saw just how much I had let myself go. This weight gain had also caused me to become socially awkward and afraid of people seeing my body, causing me to wear just baggy jeans and oversized jumpers which, after going back through pictures, looked terrible on me causing me to feel even more down and awkward.

During Year 9 / 10 of secondary school, I started to do something about it. I brought some cheap weights off eBay and starting using them daily, at this time I had no idea what I was doing but because I had never lifted before I did manage to add a small amount of muscle mass which helped significantly in my weight loss. Next, my mum managed to get a second hand running machine which is when I realized my love for running, I have asthma but this didn't stop me from going and running after school for hours. which even helped me with my asthma after a while. Unfortunately for me at the time, I was doing a good amount of exercise a day, I just heavily struggled with my eating habits which hindered my weight loss in the beginning.

At this point I decided to I would try dieting, Now over the years I tried a bunch of diets such as :

Atkins, slimming world, weight watchers, keto, counting calories, etc. Once I had tried a lot of these and could not stick to it I sat and thought about the best way for me to lose weight would be. So in the summer before I started university I joined a gym for the first time.

The first gym experience I wasn't there very long. However, I really enjoyed being able to run and weight lift all in the same place. It was great, even with all my joints aching. I started going 3 days a week and focusing on building muscle mixed with cardio for the summer. Alongside this, I once again tried a keto diet, mixed with counting calories. This worked very well for me for 4 months before I went to university then stopped keto but kept counting calories and going to the gym.

This resulted in going from 15 stone down to 12 stone before university, I was so so happy. I had finally after nearly 5 years of battling weight loss, committed enough to lose a significant amount. Once I got to university I continued to go to the gym and eat as healthy as I could (in Inbetween all the alcohol), this caused me to lose more fat and build more muscle.

I currently weigh 11 stone 5 pounds putting me in a healthy BMI for my age. I feel more and more comfortable in my body with every passing day, but going through this weight loss journey really showed me how important taking care of your body really is both for physical and mental health!

I would love to hear your story if you are willing to share. I battled 5 years of weight loss and I am so grateful for every day I wake up. Make sure to subscribe to the blog and share this post if you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards,

Marc Maslen

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