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I Am Back | Update + Whats Next

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. Been some time since I made a blog post and so I am going to start blogging again weekly relating to tech and other topics I am interested in. In this post, I will discuss where I have been and what is to come.

Where Have I Been?

So I have been very busy recently with my placement at Awin, I was supposed to finish my placement last month but as I am doing very well they agreed to extend my placement till after the summer which I am super grateful for and love working with them.

I also was in Spain last month for two weeks which is actually my first time going abroad in 10 years! it was super fun and hot which was a big difference from normal English weather. I mean as I type this it was just a heatwave and now it's pouring it down outside.

I have also been generally improving my health, my goal is to get lower than 20% body fat which I am close to doing, and keep as much muscle mass as possible doing so. Then bulk over summer and then cut ready for summer. I find it really easy to do all of this but it's more a mental game, being tempted by bad foods does affect me but not as much as it did a few years ago.

As well as containing to improve my programming side, I go back to University in October for my final year so I need to refresh myself on Java. I have been making small projects in it to remember the syntax etc.

What's Next?

So over the summer I will be working on my capstone project and aiming to get as much done. I am making a game and a website based on the game to demonstrate my experience in multiple languages. I am also updating my portfolio with new projects I plan to do.

I am just generally slowly doing stuff over the summer until the full force of uni kicks in. I am so excited to get back to uni and meet new people as all my friends from uni have finished this year. I am so happy for them all and can't wait to find more like-minded friends.

I think over the next couple of days I will be splitting this blog into two sections. A personal section and a more tech section. Either way, I hope you all enjoyed it and I will speak to you all soon. Seeee ya

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