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Investing - GME, Vanguard, Lifestrategy

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. So today I wanted to talk about investing and the stock market. Now I have been investing a lot over the summer and have been doing a lot of research so I thought I would write a post about my views and what's going down at the moment. Disclaimer I am in no way a professional at the stock market I just invest in places I think will make money, I have lost and I have gained, just like everyone so take everything you read with a grain of salt.

GME (GameStop)

So right now GameStop is about to skyrocket as a popular subreddit called Wall Street Bets is all gathering together to shovel as much money into this as possible. A popular user of the subreddit is has made over 10 million with a 992% return on his shares. It is insane, the current sell price as I'm looking at it is $64 and they think (not guaranteed )it will go above $1000 a stock. I am hoping to see a huge return today which would be amazing. I am so ready for when the market opens to see what will happen, this will be amazing.

Update - The price per stock started at $66 a share and went up to $155 before dropping back to around $77 which is massive. I believe Gamestop actually ended up losing 3.3 BILLION in around 8 hours!!


I have also been doing a lot of research into Vanguard and into their Lifestratgy blended Index Funds. What is a blended index fund? well, it's a mix of both equity and bonds all in one index fund which is just a collection of stocks they think will make money. I have been investing into the 80% Lifestrategy fund which means that it is 80% equity and 20% bonds, equity is more high risk / high reward stocks while bonds are quite safe but don't make much on top of what you put in. that's why I went will the blended option, as well as the fact this seems perfect for long term investment.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to make money long term to do their research before putting your money anywhere and then making sure your confitable before hand. I hope your guys enjoyed this post and ill be uploading my next weekly blog soon, Byyyeee

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