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London and Essex moving into Tier 2 restirictions

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi, marc back again talking now about how London and Essex have just been been moved from tier 1 restrictions into tier 2 restrictions. This will go into effect from Friday night and puts millions of people into tougher restrictions. These restrictions include :

• No household mixing indoors

• No one can stay/sleep at other houses

• Work from home where possible

• Schools will remain OPEN

• Avoid public transport

• pubs and restaurants still have the 10pm curfew

• You can only meet up with people outside

This was after Labour mayor Sadiq Khan said there was "Simply no other option". This, in my opinion, is really sad to see considering all people as a whole had to do was keep to some simple rules such as social distancing, wearing masks and following rules of six.

Essex county council had asked the health of secretary to move into higher restrictions as they saw an influx of cases and is continuing to grow by the day. This is what the tier system is and hopefully, we don't need to go into a tier 3 :

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