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Macbook Air 2020 Review

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hey, Marc back again with a blog talking about my thoughts and opinion on the new Macbook Air 2020. As I write this review I am currently using my new Macbook Air, I upgraded from my previous Dell g3 laptop due to university going online and thinking an upgrade would come in handy right now. In this blog, I will be reviewing everything about the Macbook Air so if any of you guys are thinking of getting it, make sure to leave a comment saying what you think.


The new Macbook Air 2020 looks great in my opinion, although this is the case with most Apple products. I picked up the silver version of the Macbook Air although you can also choose from Space grey and Gold to choose from which both look great. Although if you end up scratching these there will be silver coating under the gold or space grey color so be cautious with those colors. On the left side of the laptop are two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports for charging, external storage options, and any other uses they can provide, While on the right side is an audio jack for wired earphones.

The Macbook Air is obviously expected to be not too heavy, this laptop is weighing in at 2.8 pounds (1.29kg), 30.41cm width, 21.24cm depth, 0.41-1.61cm height. Being a university student this is perfect for carrying around all day in my bag with no issue, also the charger is very light for carrying around on the go too. The screen is also very clear, with a stunning 13.3-inch retina display you can see 48% more colors than previous models, razor-sharp text clarity and all with a great brightness level. The screen is also 20% larger than previous Macbook airs. The screen also has a built-in 720p Facetime HD camera which looks nice and clean.

The keyboard has changed since the 2019 model and is now back to the backlit magic keyboard with a touch ID. This keyboard feels great when typing, I never find myself accidentally hitting keys or find them uncomfortable at all. I could easily use this keyboard all day for uni work and wouldn't get tired of it.

The audio of this laptop is also really good. I love playing music from them and it is very crystal clear to hear every sound and bass. It has a stereo speaker with a wide stereo sound built-in next to the keyboard.


The Macbook Air 2020 has some great specs for such a weightless laptop. Let's start with the CPU, you can pick up the MacBook air with either the Intel Core I3, I5, or I7. My laptop came with the I5 quad-core which is the 10th generation CPU from intel, this is great and keeps up very well for everyday use. I would say that if your planning on getting an I7 maybe just go with the Macbook Pro as its performance will be much greater with not that much difference in price.

There are also 2 options when it comes to how much RAM you can have being both 8GB and 16GB both at 3733 MHz, for my laptop I wanted to go for 16GB but went for the 8GB instead. I would definitely recommend you go for 16GB if possible though as it would help a lot for everyday tasks and being able to do more without the laptop slowing down.

As for the storage, The laptop comes with a variety of storage options. You can get a 256GB SSD, 512 SSD, however, these are both configurable to 1TB or 2 TB. I went for the 512 SSD which in my opinion is a perfect amount unless you are installing massive games or doing any serious video editing in which case I would go for higher storage. However external hard drives and the cloud can also help with storage if needed.

The graphics for this is the Intel Iris Plus Graphics which work very well. This laptop isn't going to have graphics capable of running a lot of high intensive programs like a lot of games and such, but if you were looking for that the Thunderbolt 3 port does support external graphics cards. Although the graphics inside this laptop work fine for everyday use.

The battery is said to last up to 11 hours of use which is very good in my opinion, the charger is also very light in weight and around the same size as a phone charger so there's no need to worry about carrying around a giant charger with you all day. The charger is a 30W USB -C power adapter which just goes right into any of the USB ports on the laptop.

My opinion on the laptop

I have been using this laptop for University and general research, it has been a very pleasant experience for me. The laptop has kept up and hasn't slowed down once, everything is very well laid out and organized.

Do I think you should buy this laptop? Absolutely they have brought back a great keyboard which works a lot better than the butterfly keyboard on the previous generation and it is easy to carry around while still having a powerful enough laptop for everyday work. I do believe if you want to do anything more intensive and you have the extra money, go for the Macbook Pro as they nearly weigh the same, while being more powerful.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.


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