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Project - Recreating Steam Website

Hi guys, This is a project I had at university during year one. I absolutely loved this project which was to recreate steam using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. I really enjoyed this project as this was the first time I fully implemented all of these languages together into one big project. For this assignment, I scored 94% which I was really proud of as I spent every day working on this project until the deadline. Below I will explain my project and here is the GitHub Repository with the code:


The Design

My project's design is based on Steam ( and I tried to get as close to the design of steam as possible. Steam has a lot of features and implemented designs so I tried adding the features that stood out to me the most. Here is a picture of my site when you first land on the home page:

The main feature of steam in my option is the slider for games, which cycles through the featured games for the customer to see. This is a great feature that I felt needed to be implemented onto my site, this is why I wanted this first.

The color scheme is my take on the website as I wanted a lot of it to be my own design and choices for how the site looks while getting the features accurate to steam. The background was a nice light grey which I found really looked nice as a background. This also looked very well with the text being white. The name of the website 'Zentona' is a made-up name that I came up with at the time just to use as a placeholder name for the assignment.



The features of my site were again based on steam, for example, there is a log-in and Signup system that uses PHP to save anything in the signup fields to a database, and then when the user logs in it will check it and see if the credentials match with the ones in the database. When the user logs in it will display their name in the top right corner of the page on each page to show they have actually logged it. As this was a year 1 assignment it didn't do much more than this however having a fully functioning login and signup system was a real eye-opener to me on how much you can do. Also, there was a signup section on the Home page as well for extra convenience. Here is what the signup page looks like:

As well as a login and Sign up page, There was a contact page for a customer to fill in a few field boxes like their name, email, and box for their questions/queries. As well as a page for every game on the site, none of the buttons work but there are buy and wishlist buttons on the site.


This is just one of the many projects I made as uni and I will be adding them soon too, for example, Java applications of all different kinds, Python algorithms, SQL, and other projects. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day, Byyyyyyeeee

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