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Revising in 2020 is impossible.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi, marc here again talking about why revising in 2020 is near enough impossible. As we all know 2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, which has left a lot of not feeling our best self. COVID-19 has really made a lot of everyday activities tedious and just downright boring.

Now being a University student, I do a lot of revision each day for my degree which is normal. I try to aim for a couple hours a day minimum during the first year and I have just transitioned into the second year so I might need to up that number to keep up which all the module content. However, even before COVID revision was very time consuming and not the most enjoyable activity to fill your time with, but at least I could leave my house and go revise in the library for hours on end before March 2019. Never in my life would I have expected to miss the library so much.

Now I know this is a necessary evil in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, furthermore, I believe that it has probably stopped a lot of potential spread with the virus. Me being an extrovert does still find it very difficult to sit and revise in the same place I do all of my gaming, Netflix, etc.

I started my lectures yesterday, I was so excited to get back to learning and being in a lecture with an actual lecturer that could answer my questions but instead, he had all of his lectures pre-recorded and they were of terrible quality in terms of the teaching and audio quality. There were 30 minutes of the entire 1-hour lecture where he didn't say a single word!

Expecting the University over the summer to have put in place a variety of activities and informative documents to help with our lectures and such. Instead, they still have the same amount of content from last year only we can't go in for help or guidance and all the computer labs are shut due to COVID-19.

I honestly feel sorry for not only university students but all students ranging from GCSE level to university students as this is probably one of the worst years to be a student. Especially if anyone has just started university or college this year, then all the social side, interactive and fun parts are taken away.

Me personally I revise better in groups, that way we can ask each other questions and help each other with code, parts of an assignment, anything really that one of us understands but the rest don't. Right now I wouldn't even risk going onto the university campus ( I live off campus) as there are so many students testing positive for COVID-19. Anyway, I will be using my days trying my best at revising in this current environment and I hope you guys have a great time revising.

Kind regards,


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