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Sneak Energy Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi guys, Marc back with a review on a product that I have been using for around 2 weeks now known as Sneak Energy. Sneak Energy is a sugar-free energy formula used to keep you awake and alert without the crash and sugar content of normal energy drinks. This drink is supposed to help you improve your performance without all the junk of other energy drinks, however, does it deliver on this? Let's dive in, shall we?

I definitely think that it does deliver! This drink for me is really tasty and refreshing. I have tried a lot of the flavors but I have to say my favorite flavors have been 'Millions Strawberry' and 'Stealth' by far. I love these flavors, Stealth is a flavor that has been there from the start (I believe), however, Million Strawberry flavor is a new flavor that was introduced alongside 'Million Bubblegum'. Along with Million Strawberry and Stealth, some other really great flavours that I like are Strawberry Watermelon, Tropikilla and Purple storm.

The big question that everyone asks with these products is, does it work and is buying these products worth the money over the traditional Redbulls or Monster? The answer is yes 100% if you are an avid caffeine drinker then I definitely recommend making the switch to Sneak Energy. Where I am located it is £35 for a tub which contains 40 serving so your paying then then a pound for a healthier, better tasting and longer lasting drink, tahst you simply add to water.

The drink also contains some great ingedriates that Increase focus such as L tyrosine and drive such as taurine, also hydrating you with ingredients such as calcium etc. The drink is full of some great ingredients and nothings that will cause you to crash afterwards either!

I highly recommend this drink for people and you can get a starter package that contains a shaker and 6 sachets as described in the picture below :

Thanks for reading this review and any questions make sure to leave a comment below. Also make sure to subscribe to the website or simply make an account to be notified when I post again. Hope you all have a great day, Byyyyeeee!

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