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Starting at Awin

Hi everyone! Today was my first day at Awin. This is an affiliate marketing company I am working for during my placement year at university as a global integration assistant. Today was really great and I am honestly looking forward to working with everyone I can at the company. My first day was mostly the boring stuff. for example, setting up my laptop and updating everything ready for when I start doing my job. This week I am doing mostly courses in order to get familiar with what I will be doing at Awin. These courses cover anything from Health and safety to Integrating clients. It definitely feels weird working a full-time job from my bedroom but it also felt very freeing, my day finishes at 5.30 and I found myself wondering if I just stop working or If I wait for someone to say "you're free to go now". I also got to meet everyone on my team, they are all lovely and I really enjoyed meeting them all. I can't wait to meet everyone properly and maybe one day all can meet face to face. I found the courses I was put on to be very informative and knowledgeable, I took a lot of notes along the way so I wouldn't forget anything. Overall my first day was very welcoming and also very strange being in my room but I honestly prefer being able to work from the comfort of my own house. In a way, it gives me more motivation to work as hard as I possibly can. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great day and enjoyed, Byyyyyyyeee!

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