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Study less, Study Smart - Best Revision Strategy!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hey guys, Marc back with a new blog talking about the absolute best way I have found to study. This is going to be a non-sense blog on the best way I found to study and why I believe it's best to revise less but to revise smart instead. I am by no means top of my class, I feel like I do get good grades however I am by definition a pretty average grading student.

Many people believe including some of my friends and students at university that studying a lot equates to knowing everything and being the smartest person in the room. Now there are some cases that people can study extremely long periods of time and retain that knowledge which is an amazing thing to do and if you can then congratz because of your one of the very few who can. Most people who say they just revised for the last 6 hours 9 times out of 10 mean they revised for 30 minutes and sat on their phone for 5 and a half hours, not intentionally but they start procrastinating and getting distracted then it's all downhill from there. When you start revising this is natural and will happen but you have to sit back and think why do I suddenly feel tired after 30 min of revision?

The Technique

I want you to start revising like normal, set up your area, and get in the revision mindset. I want you to start a stopwatch and once you have started it, ignore it and just revise. Once you start to feel drowsy and tired, almost like you can focus or revise much more just stop. that's right stop and then stop the stopwatch. Now you have the time it takes you to go from ready to revise to I don't want to anymore.

Every time you revise after this set a timer for the time you got on your stopwatch, then once you have revised for say 25 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break and repeat the 25-minute timer. You have just figured out how to revise effectively and efficiently.

Why does this work?

This works because, after that amount of time your focus and concentration go from 100% down to 80%, and anything after that time, your revision window will drop very fast until you pack up and go home which can be as fast as 5 minutes. This is not what you want to do, instead just taking a 5-minute break where you can play a game, go on Twitter or speak to a friend recharges your focus and concentration basically back to 100% which is amazing for us because this means we can keep repeating this and learn everything we need to much more effectively.

Programs I use to help with my Revision

I recently installed a new program called Otto this is a chrome extension that allows you to time your revision and anything you doing really to not get distracted by other websites! Otto is your friend and every time you go on any blocked sites while revising Otto loses HP (health points). This is an incentive to keep revising and going till that magical 5 minutes break. Here is the link

This is all from today guys, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you see you all again soon Byyyyeeee

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