Time managment - Why is it important?

Hi, guys hope you are all doing well. The weather here in the UK has been so all over the place recently I am not sure how to even dress anymore. One day it's so hot I'm melting, the next it's raining all day. The one thing to guarantee however is how humid it is all the time.

I wanted to talk about time management in this blog as it is one skill that I absolutely pride myself on and think it's one of the most important skills to have both for personal and professional life. I try to never be late for anything, in fact, if I am not at an event or meeting early / on time usually I won't be there. I guess for me I look at it this way, when I was the supervisor at CO-OP I hated people being late. If it was a one-off occasion then I could understand but some people made it a habit and it would get later and later until they just would call in or never call and show.

This is obviously very frustrating when you have been asked to do everything that needs doing and depending on people who don't really appreciate the job they have. So because of this and the way I felt, I didn't want anyone to feel that way towards me or think I am unreliable. So I would always be early or on time.

This is one of the many skills that helped me get as far as I have done so far because people respect when you did waste their time. This is what happens when people have bad time management skills. Now, with me working at Awin, starting to stream again, youtube, personal obligations, and trying to have a social life. Time management is so important, I feel like I need to manage my time now to the minute otherwise I will miss something and get behind on all of my tasks.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and I will catch you all in the next blog. Byyyeeee.

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