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University in 2020

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Have you ever just sat there and thought why? This has been my experience with going back to university in 2020 for several different reasons. Further education has changed a lot since my first year of university in all aspects because of COVID-19, which has made it (at least for me) not worth your money or time.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the atmosphere of the university since all the new measures have come into effect since the new year has begun. The university now has a one-way system, social distancing rules and requiring face coverings indoors which is completely reasonable, I believe this is a great way of reducing the spread of COVID-19. This change is good for the university as I believe it will help others with other issues also. The university as of posting this closed a majority of the facilities you can use at the university including the library, labs, lecture halls, and other important facilities that students benefit from using.

Secondly, while I agree with these measures the universities have put in place is to help everyone, do I personally think that the 9k yearly cost of a degree is worth it in its current state? Absolutely not, the fact that this price point hasn't changed is outrageous to me and a lot of other people/students. This price of 9k YEARLY reflects on the fact that we use their facilities, equipment, and other ways they help us which is completely understandable. However, when you take that away the price no longer reflects what we are being offered what so ever. Take my course, for example, I'm doing computer science which is mostly about using a computer, yes, but when the first 3 weeks is ONLY online and all we can use to help us is their lecture slides then we as students are not getting what we paid for! This to me is completely wrong, not to mention the fact that being locked away in our rooms to study does put a mental constraint on what you can achieve. I find it very difficult to revise and take knowledge in, which is the same place I relax, eat, sleep, and I just can do what I feel like doing.

Lastly, I believe that coming to university is a great experience and I have made so many friends that I can call friends for life. However the current state of universitys and COVID-19 is not worth the money you will be putting yourself in debt for.

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