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Weekly Blog #1 - Updates, Uni life.

Hi guys, Marc here. Today I am writing to you to talk about this new project I will be working on with the blog. Firstly I would just like to say thanks to everyone reading this, for sticking around and being great! Sorry, I haven't posted in a while, I have been so busy lately. Mainly due to having 4 assignments and 3 tests coming up within the next month, I actually submitted one of the assignments today (YAY) so feeling pretty good about that, however, gotta keep on the grind.

The project I wanted to talk about actually starts with this blog! I will now be carrying out weekly blogs talking about anything, part of it will be me talking about my week and how life is going. However I will be talking about a range of topics and subjects, I will even use some of the suggestions that you guys send me in the weekly blogs or as their own separate blog depending on the topic so keep sending in those suggestions! This doesn't mean it will be the only blog each week, I will try to do more blogs throughout the week on specific topics however this will be a dedicated one blog a week to keep the ball rolling and so you guys get a consistent flow of blog posts each week.

Firstly, I wanted to talk about how my course is going. So in the last week, I changed one of my modules which I find fantastic and I enjoy the subject, what I didn't realize before I switched was not only did I have 3 weeks of catching up to do but also had an assignment to hand in within 2 weeks of me joining. This freaked me out a bit but as mentioned previously I submitted an assignment today and this was that assignment YAY. Although I have a lot more work to do I have at least 3 weeks for them so I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with it all (wish me luck).

Also, Essex went into tier 2 recently which was a big shock. For around 2 weeks before going into tier 2 I would go out with friends and the GF for fun and have that as my time to escape from all the University work and relax. However, tier 2 has made it very difficult to do that and has made it a lot more restrictive. Doing simple things like taking my girlfriend to dinner or going out with mates has become a real hassle, although this is all to protect us, its annoying to say the least.

With that being said I am enjoying the time I have to relax and catch up on work. It means I have more time to work on myself. I just pray there is not a second lockdown. I also hope all of you guys are doing alright with everything!

Thank all of you guys for reading! I am really looking forward to this series of blogs I will be posting and hope you all subscribe and stick around for the adventure. Byeeee

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