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Weekly Blog #11 - Interships

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. Tomorrow I'm back to having 9am lectures and getting mounds of assignments. How you all are doing well and if you are going back to school or anything have a great term.


Last summer I spent my whole time working and traveling which was a great experience for me. For a few months, I have been thinking about what I can do this summer to boost my knowledge and experience, one of the most obvious yet very great things to do to boost a CV is Internships. So I have been applying to internships like crazy recently ready for the summer term. I didn't really know where to start in terms of where I should apply for internships, so I got a meeting with someone at the university and they gave me so much info. The university has a ton of resources that I'm going, to be honest, didn't even know about.

While doing this I updated my CV layout and everything on it so it all looks amazing and more importantly makes me look amazing. One of those features that I didn't know about the university having was a CV builder where they will give you a variety of great CV templates and a program that will actually grade your CV for you! This is amazing to me as it helped me get a great looking CV to use for not only internships but future jobs.

I have applied for a lot but need to do more, I know most places want people to apply before the end of January. With university starting up again tomoz it will be difficult but worth all the workload!

I hope you all have an amazing week and I should have a review coming soon about my new Samsung tablet 6 lite which I got for my studies, but other than that byyyyyyeeee

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