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Weekly Blog #12 - Uni, Personal Investing

Hi guys, marc back with another weekly blog. I literally just uploaded a blog about investing so make sure you check that out before this one! Anyway, this week has been getting back into the rhythm of university again as we started up again properly yesterday. ill talk about that more in a second. Been doing a lot of revision and research on investing as well as my own course.


Back to University this week after a month off, by back to university I really mean sitting in the same room for two months now watching pretty terrible online lectures. The only lectures I can tolerate watching without wanting to leave is my game design lecturer and that's because he looks just as miserable as the rest of us and I can actually understand what he says. Other than that, however, this term has about 3x more assignments than it does test which is great for me as I much prefer assignments and also means I can focus on revising only two modules instead of four like the last term.

I honestly so looking forward to getting back out when a lockdown is over and covid has taken a back seat. I didn't really even attend IRL lecturers last year but I'm even excited to return back to them! as well as the partying, over-the-top drinking, staying up way later than I should out, and then regretting it. All these things I cant wait to become normal again. However, I have used my time in lockdown productively and ill talk about that in a bit with investing and such.


So if you have read through my last blog you know I have been investing for a while now and wanted to talk more about my side and what I personally have done for investments. I started over the summer as a hobby and to gain more long term investment / maybe get in on some short term penny stock investments if I was feeling lucky enough. I did a lot of research and came across Vanguard. This trading site is great and they have already make Index / Blended funds available to invest into. I have spread my investments out however life strategy funds are what caught my eye. You get 5 option:

Lifestrategy Equity Fund 20%

Lifestrategy Equity Fund 40%

Lifestrategy Equity Fund 60%

Lifestrategy Equity Fund 80%

Lifestrategy Equity Fund 100%

What do these mean? Basically, Equity is a high risk / high reward, and the higher the percentage the higher the reward and risk. if you chose 20% then the remaining 80% would be put into Bond which is a low risk/ low reward. so you would make money but very low and slow. I chose the Lifestrategy Equity Fund 80% as I want higher rewards but some safety net. I have chosen a few other investments but this is my long term 5 - 10 years investment.

I hope your guys enjoyed this blog and ill see you again soon, Byyyyyeeee

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