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weekly blog #13 - creative outlets

Hi guys, hope you guys are having a good week. This week I have been really trying to find a creative outlet in order to help with being inside all the time. Games are great creative outlets but after playing them for so long in my life, I feel as though the older I get the more I am just outgrowing them. The only reason I continue is because of the constant lockdowns, I just wanna find a new hobby that I can sink my time into. This is why I started trying to build games instead and also increasing my artistic skill using a blender.


Blender is a great tool for artists and content creates as you can literally build anything you want and have it look extremely real. I have started learning the basics of Blender and was able to create a few really HD pictures of some real-life items. This app is completely free which is also a great feature as I hate spending money. I have been using this for around a week now to just build whatever comes to mind, I usually use youtube tutorials for help as learning from someone who is way better at art than me is great fun and knowledgeable for future reference. Here is an example of a donut I made in Blender:

now you would probably think this is a real donut right? well, I made this in Blender and then rendered it into an image and added some lighting to the scene to make it look real. I am really glad about how this turned out and I am probably going to use this as a program to make some game objects and implement them into a working game. I have some ideas but other than that there just ideas at the moment

Anyway thanks for reading guys, not much to talk about other than this and some uni work but that's always going to be the case atm. With everything, I am learning at uni either being extremely easy and just not interesting to me I'm sorta stuck just trying to find other interesting hobbies to do. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments and ill see you guys again soon. Byyyyeee.

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