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Weekly Blog #14 - Gains, Snow

Hi guys, hope your all having a lovely week. This week I have a few topics to talk about and I hope you all enjoy it. If you got any suggestions don't forget to comment about them and ill read every one of them! Let's get into the first topic.

Snow Everywhere

In England currently, there is so much snow, which is just amazing. When I saw we should be getting snow the first thought that pops into your mind is that it won't even settle as that's usually the case in England. However, it's been snowing consistently for now 3 days, it's amazing! As much as I want to get outside and run (which I am not doing in snow XD) I am really enjoying the change in weather. As I'm typing this it's still coming down really hard and I hope it continues.


Lately, I have been making massive gains for my own health and physical appearance, I decided to start taking some more vitamins as being stuck inside I and everyone else is most likely lacking in them and I already feel more awake and overall feel better. I have been counting calories since Christmas with huge changes to myself, Starting to get a V-line as well as my abs showing through. My overall energy is higher and because of this, I can push myself harder with exercising. Due to the snow, I have had to do a lot of indoor workouts which get very dull, very fast but other than that it's going well.

I think my goals now are to continue counting calories and adjust accordingly as well as up my weight lifting a bit more, It's hard to do this without gyms being open but it's possible. I have been taking progress pictures along the way and still plan to keep this up as seeing my progress from a couple years ago to now is jaw-dropping to me, consistency and perseverance is the key!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed today's blog, and ill be back soon with more, have a great day people. Byyyyeeeee!

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