Weekly Blog #15 - Camino de Santiago, Grades

Hi guys, I'm back with the 15th weekly blog. I understand these blogs even though they are still coming have been very inconsistent, being in lockdown for 4 months straight now I find it hard to know what to talk about xD. Although this week I got a few topics to talk with you guys about. I was going to do a post yesterday however as it was my birthday (21 now, such an old man) I decided to wait until today to do this.

Camino de Santiago

This is a walk basically across the entirety of Spain, This walk is around 480 miles long (772km) and I wanted to do this walk during the summer as I thought it would be an amazing experience, however doubt that will happen due to COVID. So instead I have taken on the challenge to do it virtually using TheConqueror app. This app allows you to do several great walks around the world from your phone with great gifts and rewards, plus on competition, you get a metal model saying you did it. This is a massive walk and even doing around 4 miles a day will take me around 120 days to complete so I will be trying to walk and do any other cardio exercise as possible. Including when gyms and everything opens up I really desperately wanna get back into going swimming every week as I love and miss swimming so badly.


I have been doing extremely well this year compared to last, I did do a lot of Java learning over the summer and seem to be a lot better now. My grades have drastically improved as in the last term my overall grade was 65% and this term my average grade is around 78% which is a massive jump, this is today with assignments and progress tests however as the end of year exams is what ill really determine my grades (due to them being 50 - 70% of the whole module).

I have just completed a module for this year with an overall grade of 87%!! this was huge as I scored 91% on the last assignment I did and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully, I can continue this trend onwards!

Thanks for reading and Ill see you guys again next time, byyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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