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Weekly Blog #2 - Java, Lockdown 2

Hi guys, Marc back again with my 2nd weekly blog! I hope you have all had a fantastic week last week, my week has basically been consumed by java at this point. I wanted to start this blog by saying please leave in the comments what you did this week and how you're doing in general. I'd love to hear about it and talk with you all, lets jump into this blog.


So ill start by saying that if anyone here ever wants to do a computer science degree. I highly recommend you learn everything to do with java beforehand because there is SO much it's crazy. I am currently working on a way to make a program solve an 8-puzzle problem for anyone unfamiliar with this ill put a picture below :

This puzzle is simple to figure out. However when your coding a program to try and solve this it has to cycle through 360,000 moves before it can find the optimal path to take that requires the least amount of moves, which you know is just a little stressful. I also have an assignment which is to store some ID's into a JFrame and its all just a big mess. All I will say Is i have 24 days to do 3 of these projects and so far its not looking good but stick around to know how well I end up doing (please send help haha).

Also lectures now a days are completely and utterly useless. I'm stuck at home and not able to leave, struggling to do all this work and I emailed 2 of my lecturers asking for some 1 on 1 meetings so they can explain things through with me. AKA if they could do there job and help me understand but they said they where not ALLOWED to help a struggling student and told me to go google it ... don't they thing I already tried that and everything under the sun. Its honestly disgraceful what we as student are paying for.


Secondly, big news with the UK going into its second national lockdown from Thursday, which is funny because he made the anoucment Saturday. Boris says quotes like ' We need to act now ' then books a lockdown a week from that day I just don't get it. Either way this lockdown is probably going to hard for a lot of people, including myself with not seeing the gf or going out etc. What do you guys plan to do to fill your lockdown time? let me know down below.

I think for a lot of the UK now we are all over this lockdown and being restricted, wont be long until its been a full year since COVID-19 began and thats honestly crazy to think about. Although at least we have a good look into the future with the new Michael Bay film coming out soon all about the mutation of COVID and how to basically ends the human race, looks good.

Honestly though, I hope this will be the last lockdown however with school, university, nursery etc being left open I wont be at all surprised if this doesn't work. Although I do want to keep a positive out look and reassure people that everything will be fine, I think once the government start to land on there feet we should start seeing some progress interms of cases decreasing.

I will be frequently posting during this lockdown so stick around for that and together we can all get through this! This will probably be one of the most isolated times of our lives I hope and when its all said and done we can go back to doing the things we love.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog, I am still practicing with blogging and getting on my feet with it so any tips and comments would be appreciated. Make sure to subscribe and like this post and ill see you all again soon. Byyyyeeee

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