Weekly Blog #3 - Exams and Revision tips

Hi guys, Marc back with another weekly blog. I hope you are all doing great during these difficult times and are all getting by. I would love to know how you guys are getting through this lockdown and what is happening in your lives at the moment. This week has been crazy as iv had to do 2 assignments and have 2 tests this week! Absolutely mental.

Exams and Assignments

I don't know about all the other students that read this but so far this year has been so much its unreal, and that's saying something being stuck inside during a lockdown! I can definitely undertstand the fact I'm in year two so I should have a lot of work and I am actually quiet happy to be busy all the time (I hate being bored xD). I have 2 tests this week both being Databases and A.I which are quiet loaded topics but not too difficult, another next which for me is Application programming (Java) then 3 assignments all fall within 2 days of each other, luckily I have done a lot of work during my time in lockdown and seem to be making good progress and not falling behind but that feeling like you need to do more, need to achieve more is so overpowering.

I think also the fact I need to prioritize revising for tests more. As the exams are in the summer so it doesn't feel 'that' important now but I know it will be a lot to do.

Revision Strategy

I have started revising my lecturers in a different way. usually I would write my notes on paper them come back to them but always found I either lost them or would just do new revision notes anyway. Instead I have started rewriting all my lectures into one massive word document and leaving the first page clear for questions, this way I can go to the first page and test myself. If I cant answer them check the answer and move on, then just keep cycling through the list and I do this every other day or maybe everyday. I found it such a good tool to do it this way as I have all the content to pass my tests in one single word doc, maybe because I hate things out of place and disorganised but it gives me such joy knowing its all in one place.

If any of you would like to know exactly how I have done it just drop me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I would love to hear your revision tips though and get more insight into how other people retain there infomation.

sorry this is a small blog this week as things start to get busyier but I hope you are all having an amazing day. Thanks for reading Byyyyeeee

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