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Weekly Blog #4 - Progress, Game Dev

Hi guys, Marc back again. We have made it to the one month mark (4 weeks) of weekly blogs. YAY. This has been extremely fun to do and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading, for those of you who have stuck around to read every blog I thank you! Let's jump into the topic for this week

University Progress

This week I have made massive progress with my university work and everything in between. I have 3 assignments due in just over a week from this post and I have completed them all! I keep going back and making small improvements then reuploading. Meaning for each assignment I have about 3 - 5 submissions but better that than none at all. These assignments consisted of a lot and I mean a lot of code, I think one of my projects was over 400 lines of code which is massive for me, the best part is I fully feel like I understand java 10x better then I did a few weeks ago.

I have also had 3 tests now, one of them actually being this morning. I got a really great grade for one of them and await the results of the rest but feel being at home has made me way more productive. I think I'm the only person ever to say that but knowing your on your own with no outside help available really makes you put 110% when it comes to making sure your ready for tests and assignments. If any of you guys are currently at uni I'd love to hear how you all are doing!

Game Development

As I have begun to understand java a lot more now, I too a lot at unity to see about working on some projects in my spare time, and unity game engine uses C# to code which is also object orientated programming so there very similar. This has allowed me to start working on creating games and it's really really fun. I wanna work on doing it for a few months them maybe around the beginning of next year release a blog of me demoing the game and showing you guys. This is literally all for fun and to expand my programming ability but would be amazing to put on a CV that I can code fluently in C# and have projects to back this up with!

Also, there are so many tutorials on youtube that you can so simply learn how to make a game, as well as a lot of code on StackOverflow to use too. Making games and just trying to create something creative and fun has never been easier!


I really hope everyone has been doing okay during the lockdown and are taking care of yourself during this still very difficult time. There has been big news and breakthroughs on a vaccine so at least we now have some hope of a normal 2021

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog, don't forget to subscribe to be notified whenever I post a blog. See you all later. Byyyeeee

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