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Weekly Blog #5 - Web Dev / Game Dev, Assignments, Projects

Hi guys, Marc back again with my 5th weekly blog. This week I wanted to talk about some ideas I have and my current situation with university work. Let me know how your guys week has been in the comments, I would love to hear!

Web Dev and Game Dev

Lately, I have been working a lot on building websites, I have been building websites for about 2 years now just practicing and trying to improve. HTML and CSS are very easy now, I still need to google what code I need to use for certain applications and features as remembering every line of code are extremely hard especially when learning multiple coding languages. However, I have been working more with Java Script which has actually been extremely fun. I coded in a sign-up and log-in system to my website where it stores the user details into a database and fetches it when someone signs in. I also now use emulators for my website to see what it would look like before I deploy it to the internet. This is a to-do with making a few projects I have been working on as well so stay tuned for that!

Game dev is also going very well. I have made a few games that work, maybe not the smoothest experience but it's all practice to better my coding ability and get projects for my CV as well. C# is an Object Orientated Programming language so it workly like java does which has made it easier to understand. Hopefully, I have a prototype for you guys to play soon!


Assignments have been very hectic this week as all 3 assignments(Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming, and Software Engineering) were due. This has caused me to be a bit behind on providing content for you guys but from next week I will be uploading at least 2 - 3 blogs on different topics that I would love to write about. I have 2 tests around Christmas and 2 assignments due mid-January that I have already started revising for and working on. I also wanna upload my projects I have done for my assignments here or to my GitHub when I get the marks back from them to demo what kind of work I have done.

We are nearly through the lockdown and just ready for Christmas too! I am so excited for Christmas and will be bringing new things to you guys next year that i KNOW you will all love. See you guys soon. Byyyeee

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