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Weekly Blog #6 - Java Game Dev, Future Blogs and Results!

Hi guys marc back again, with our 6th weekly blog in a row which is amazing. This week I wanted to talk about a few things that I think would interest you guys. Make sure to like and share and let's get into to blog


So I wanted to start this weekly blog with a really positive topic. This week I got 4 grades back ranging from 3 tests and 1 assignment. I am really proud to say I scored high on everything! I am soooooo happy with my results and I wanted to share this with you guys so here it is. For my assignment, I got 74% and for all my tests I score 70 and above the highest grade being 87%! I revised so much for these grades every day revising 3 hours minimum a day and I am really happy I can share this with you guys. so now onto the interesting topic...

Game Dev

So I wanted to learn how to make games and the original plan was to learn in unity using C# and to progress from there. However, we have just been given the assignment to make a game using java! I took this as the perfect opportunity to start game development with java rather than unity and after this assignment transition into unity. My game has to be covid related so I have based my game around that, don't wanna give too many details away because this assignment hasn't even be handed in yet and I don't wanna risk anything. I have already coded a big chunk of the game and it is coming along really well, here is a little sneak peek -

So far it going well. The final game will change a lot from this however it's a start.

I have a lot of blogs planned like a Huawei P30 Pro review and my thoughts, a blog about my version of steam I built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and a lot of other ideas. If you guys wanna see that lemme know by leaving a comment and ill get onto it ASAP but for now thanks for reading.


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