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Weekly Blog #7 - Revision and Car Trouble

Hey guys marc here with another blog today talking about a few things about my week. First of all, I wanna thank everyone for reading as It means a lot but let's jump straight in.


I have been revising so so much recently for two tests that are coming up. One of these tests is Artificial intelligence and the other is Software Engineering, These topics are easy to understand once looking over the information however the issue being there is mountains worth of content to cover! These topics highly interest me and I'm enjoying revising them A.I. is currently going over heuristics and machine learning which is really interesting as well as fun to learn about. While software engineering is all about modeling and dealing with requirements etc. which I know will help me in future jobs and with future clients. I can't seem to shake the feeling of every day the tests get closure and closure and it's worrying but weirdly I find it a good thing as it kicks you into gear and just shows you how much time you actually have.

It doesn't help that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon and I really so badly wanna play that game however need to put my education first, it's frustrating but is a good reward after a long day of revision to go back put my feet up, and chill.

Car Trouble

Over the weekend my girlfriend and I decided to get away to a relaxing hotel after not seeing each other for a month of lockdown, what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend was still relaxing with the added annoyance of my exhaust giving out on me halfway down the dual carriageway. You know those people who modify their exhaust so it makes really loud banging and crackling sounds like there some boy racer or something? well, mine does that all for free with my exhaust breaking and hanging upside down on the bottom of my car! luckily it was still drivable and is being repaired as we speak.

So that's been my week, working wither on uni work or at my job. I hope you guys enjoyed Byyyyeeee

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