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Weekly Blog #9 - Christmas, Plans

Hi guys, Marc back again with our 9th weekly blog! sorry, this one is later then usually I was celebrating Christmas and just basically chilling for a few days. This year has been crazy and I would love you hear about your guy's years in the comments but let's get into this.


This year, Christmas did not feel like Christmas at all at least for me that is. Due to COVID-19 and going into Tier 4 on boxing day I was unable to spend it with family. I still made an amazing Christmas dinner that turned out really well, actually ill put a pic of it here :

Yes this was all to myself xD but I could hardly eat half of what was there before anyone points out yes garlic bread with a roast with AMAZING and I will stand by this statement forever! However, it was sad I couldn't spend Christmas with my family or Kacie but there all so amazing that they were always texting and calling me all the time which really made us all feel less lonely. I have had the house to myself for 2 weeks now and it's actually been quite a good experience living alone just doing anything I want and putting music on as loud as I want while studying or making dinner. I'd love to hear what you all got for Christmas and how your Christmas was this year!



This year has been for the most part trash in terms of COVID, Lockdowns, etc. Although I feel I have done very well with everything this year I wanna push myself this year (2021) to do even better. Some of my I guess early new years resolutions are things like:

• Get a 1st this year at Uni (Last year I got a 2:1, 65%, and this year all my grades are better but the summer exams will make or break this goal)

• Work on me more, I have done a lot in terms of weight loss and feel I am at a good frame to start building more muscle. When gyms open up I will continue going but up my weight lifting.

•Keep writing blogs and do more than weekly blogs.

•Go and travel around Spain with Kacie.

I think these are some of my biggest goals for 2021, these will probably change and adapt while the year goes on but it's a good start. With this website like I said in my last blog I wanna do more with this and create some new blogs maybe incorporate more into the website. I wanna show you guys some of my projects and work etc.



Thank you guys for sticking around and reading, if you have read every one of my weekly blogs up until now I just wanna say a massive thanks to you!! I have only been blogging for a few months and really am enjoying the journey so far. Take care guys, byyyyeeee

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