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Weekly Update #8 Christmas Blog - Looking back on 2020 - good and bad

Hi guys, Marc Back again with another blog post and we are fast approaching Christmas. I wanna wish each one of you a merry Christmas and I hope you all get to see and be with your loved ones this time of year! we have all been through a lot and we should all be extremely proud of ourselves for making it to the end of 2020, although it's not over we have come a lot way and are in a much better place of understanding COVID-19 right now.

Reflection of this year

A lot of events happened this year and was probably one of the most eventful years of my life. I was both at my lowest point and highest point this year as well as experiencing and learning so many new things. The first 4-5 months of 2020 was probably the worst months of my life, due to a few events such as my dog dying, my sister with cystic fibrosis in and out of the hospital, other events, COVID-19 and the first lockdown. What did I do in order to stop feeling so shit? I shifted my mindset and worked every day to improve both mentally and physically. I also met someone (My now girlfriend) Kacie during the first lockdown and she has made me so so happy and makes me want to better myself with every passing day. Due to covid, I had to move home very suddenly and I found myself having to do all my exams online. Not a problem I revised and worked hard and came out of it with a 2:1 so so close to a first but I'm on the right track this year to getting that. anyway, after that I found myself with nothing so got my old job back and worked my way back into being a supervisor at that job for 3-4 months before moving back to uni. Now I revise, work, and spend time with Kacie and life is good. It will get so much better when COVID-19 is over and I can't wait!

I know this blog was a bit shorter than normal but I hope you have a great Christmas and I will be back with better blogs than ever after the new year! Stay tuned

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